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Another Stirchley

A new community group in Stirchley has been set up recently, in response to a bid from Tesco to build a large supermarket right behind my house. The area of land in the bid, a brownfield site which has been empty for a few years now, has been the subject of quite some controversy over recent weeks and months.

The community group, Another Stirchley is Possible, was formed to oppose the Tesco plan, and also to find out what the people of Stirchley really want... and to try to make those things happen. We held a public consultation day on Saturday at the Community Centre, where all sorts of more positive ideas were proposed, including a public square near the river, a swimming pool, and a new High Street away from the busy Pershore Road, where smaller shops and cafes might thrive.

The Tesco option, on the other hand, is designed with a catchment area of far wider than just Stirchley, covering Cotteridge, Bournville and Selly Park, and stretching into King's Heath too. Our basic argument is that this is likely to both kill off local businesses all across this area, whilst increasing traffic, as people shuttle into Tesco and back out again, ignoring local shops.

I won't rehearse the arguments in full here however, but take a look at the group's new blog, at anotherstirchley.wordpress.com, which includes a call for people to write to the Secretary of State, Hazel Blears, to call the proposal in rather than rubber stamping it.

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ive lived in stirchley all of my life (and so have my parents, grand parents and great grand parents!!). ive recently started university studying social work and its got me interested in my community. one thing about stirchley is that nobody knows where it is!! probably due to the lack of activity or shopping facilities compared to surrounding areas. i end up telling people that im from kingsheath just because people know of that area! bournville has cadburys, sellyoak has the university and kingsheath is great for shopping - what stirchley needs is something to stand out and bring in some community cohesion. i live on the pinneapple estate and find it sad that i dont know my neighbours - especially some of the more isolated individuals like the elderly or young mothers. we need a new project to bring the community together and get people (especially the young as they are the future of stirchley) to come together and plan how we can make our community thrive!

Something needs developing with the interest of the communit and quick, i have the undelightful outlook of the old BT yard everytime i step out my front door and it's appealing, i weren't in favour of Tesco's and even less happy about the co-op proposal but at the end of the day something is better than the tip that is there now!

I have never been asked my opinion as neither a few of my neighbours and if i ask i bet a lot haven't had a say to anyone yet we are the one's that look at it daily ?! Who are all these people with opinions about their high street and their local businesses being effected - where do you live? I say it should be used to build houses!

I agree - housing would be a much better option. What's atrocious is that it's just been allowed to sit there empty for so long and the council hasn't taken the initiative.

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