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Technology Strategy Board email fail.

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The Technology Strategy Board is the UK’s national innovation agency. Our goal is to accelerate economic growth by stimulating and supporting business-led innovation.

We understand business, and our people come mainly from business. We work right across government, business and the research community - removing the barriers to innovation, bringing organisations together to focus on opportunities, and investing in the development of new technology-based products and services for future markets.



Could you please let me know how to disable HTML in the email notifications?

I don't seem to be able to find an option to get it to send me just plain text.




Hello Paul,

Unfortunately we do not currently support non-html emails, but this has been
raised as a potential enhancement with the software development team. You
may be able to set your local email reader to display these emails as
non-HTML; however I am afraid we aren't able to help you with this and you
will need to ask your local IT support teams if you want to consider this


(with attached JPEG)

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